Technology Partners

Best-in-class integrated solutions

Our Eco-System Technology Partners provides best-in-class integrated solutions to our end customers. We enjoy working closely with all our partners and proudly invest in these partnerships.

As a member of Intel’s FPGA Design Solutions Network, Orthogone offers an extensive portfolio of design services, intellectual property (IP), and products that can help customers meet challenging product development needs, lower potential risks, and accelerate time-to-market. Orthogone has developed a broad expertise designing with Intel FPGA products, tools, and IP, combined with application experience to offer customers design services ranging from selecting the best-suited FPGA device to full turnkey or system level design.

FPGA Design Solutions Network

Xilinx Certified Members demonstrate qualified expertise on the latest Xilinx devices and implementation techniques and consistently deliver high quality products and services on Xilinx programmable platforms.

Certified Members have invested in passing a comprehensive 320-point review of their technical, business, quality, and support processes and have committed engineers to passing the same rigorous training used by Xilinx Field Application Engineers worldwide. Certified Member engineers annually refresh certification training to ensure they have updated expertise on the latest products and technologies from Xilinx.

Xilinx Alliance Program

Since 2000, ReFLEX CES designs and manufactures custom embedded systems and complex boards, based on high-density FPGAs. The company is based in France, Evry, with 100+ people including R&D and Manufacturing capabilities.

The company provides FPGA COTS boards for several markets including the finance market where Ultra Low Latency capability is a key element, and other markets like networking. In this domain, REFLEX CES is working with Orthogone on its Ultra Low Latency MAC solution.

ReFLEX CES Partnership

Analog Devices is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in virtually all types of electronic equipment. Orthogone uses a wide range of products from Analog Devices to design innovative products in wireless, imaging, and defense and security industries..

Analog Devices Partnership

NXP Connect Program is a worldwide network of qualified developers working with NXP embedded solutions. By forming alliances with industry-leading design engineers and consultants, NXP enables customers to connect quickly with experienced design resources and accelerate time-to-market.

Since its inception in 2007, Orthogone has successfully delivered hardware and software solutions based on NXP products to numerous companies. We have developed several microprocessor/microcontroller solutions ranging from highly-integrated embedded processors to high-performances network communication processors capable of processing millions of packets per seconds.

NXP Connect