Defence & Security

Wireless Communications Systems | Security & Encryption | Surveillance

Security & Reliability
the first priority

Security and reliability will always be the first priority when designing equipment for government infrastructure, space flight, and peacekeeping missions. Over the last decade, we've produced several innovative technologies and leveraged our expertise to conceive and realize high performance broadband wireless communication systems used in military and public safety applications. Our pragmatic approach helped our clients to adapt leading-edge commercial technologies to their ruggedized product requirements.

Our expertise has been instrumental in customizing technology to adapt it to specific use cases and mission critical requirements. Our participation in these projects spans the entire product range from bits to antenna, including algorithms and system modeling, SDR FPGA waveform processing, RF sub-system transceiver design, media access controller (MAC) and networking functions, as well as wire-speed encryption and security framework development.
Case Study: Broadband Wireless Communication

Next Generation
surveillance systems

Demands for security and surveillance system deployments have increased dramatically recently. We have a wealth of experience in developing image sensor and camera products. And, we use the latest technologies to deliver next generation solutions with improved resolution, and image quality.

Case Study: Cost Effective Radar