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When speed & flexibility are paramount

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are semiconductor devices that are based on a matrix of configurable logic elements. FPGAs can be reprogrammed after manufacturing, making them an ideal fit for many different markets. Typical FPGA use cases include high-speed pipelined data path, waveforms or image DSP processing, and high performance computing where billions of calculations are required every second.


Design and verification engineers you can trust

Orthogone has an amazing team of experienced and skillful ASIC/FPGA design and verification engineers. They are fluent in both Verilog and VHDL and have successfully delivered multiple FPGA products in market segments such as networking & communication, imaging, video & broadcast, wireless communications, and digital signal processing.


Technology Partners

Our FPGA Eco-System Technology Partners provides best-in-class integrated solutions to our end customers. We enjoy working closely with all our partners and proudly invest in these partnerships.

Technology Partners

Custom Silicon IP with Orthogone
The High Performance Ethernet MAC & PCS IP cores are based on a unified Verilog code solution that scales from 1-Gbps to 100-Gbps data rates.

Orthogone Custom IP Cores

High Speed Computing

Fully integrated solution based on COTS boards and Orthogone’s ultra-low latency Ethernet MAC/PCS IP cores are specifically designed for electronic trading and networking applications.
Ultra low latency and gate count Ethernet MAC/PCS and RS-FEC IP Cores – when high speed computing is critical to success

Multinational Investment Bank

Ethernet IP Cores

Orthogone developed this line of products for applications such as algorithmic trading, market data feed handlers and Tick-to-Trade platforms where latency is critical.