Imaging & Computer Vision

Image Sensors & Cameras | Radar & LiDAR | Frame Grabber | Optical Detection

Embedded Vision
is shaping the future

Embedded vsion is one of the most exciting fields in technology today. We consider computer vision a prevalent technology that is shaping the future of the electronics industry. Our solutions and products in this space today are used across many verticals, including medical imaging, surveillance, automotive and industrial automation.

Superpower Sight
across a variety of verticals

Over the last few years, we've witnessed the incredible growth of opportunities in this area by collaborating closely with top tier clients on the development of multiple innovative solutions. Our contribution includes the development of ground breaking technologies for LiDAR, RADAR, cameras, and optical detector products. Our in-depth know-how includes development of sensors using optical or electro-magnetic waves, image signal processors, algorithm development, and end-to-end system performance optimization.
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