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It starts with an idea...


Turn your idea into a successful product

We love it when clients bring us new ideas, concepts, or business models. It's our job to transform those ideas into reality.

But, for a product to be successful, the design must incorporate a practical way for it to be manufactured; a way that saves both time and money. That's why our world-class engineering team & designers integrate an effective manufacturing solution from the beginning of the design process.

And, because we are independent, our advice on manufacturing solutions remains non-biased and focuses on the best fit for our clients. Our commitment to fully realizing product development means that our clients are assured of a smooth transfer to the right contract manufacturer.


Product development with Orthogone
What LeddarTech says about Orthogone's technology innovation capabilities


Frantz Saintellemy, President & COO

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech is a leader in optical detection and ranging technology at the forefront of the most exciting innovations in advanced sensing today.
Turnkey development of a bionic ears product – including the hardware, firmware and DSP


Bionic Ears

Innovative product to help people communicate effectively over significant distances in high-noise environments.