Video & Broadcast

Digital Signage | Video over IP | Digital Media Content Protection | Video Processing

High Resolution
stunning images & video

We excel at designing solutions that provide stunning still images, and high resolution video. Similarly, we fully master the processes of streaming audio and video over various wireless and wired link conditions while preserving media quality and synchronization. We accomplish this by mastering the entire stack of layers involved in the audio and video processing functions as well as the communications and networking layers where the media content is carried.
Case Study: Cloud Based Content Distribution

Security & Protection
digital media content

We've integrated our custom electronics and software into the LCD displays of multiple large OEM suppliers. Several of our designs are based on leading edge SoC technologies from NXP, QualComm, Intel, and TI, to name a few. We are aware of the challenges and the high stakes involved in protecting digital media content. Because of this we've invested significant effort and resources to collaborate on the development of Digital Right Management (DRM) eco-system solutions to help content providers overcome these challenges.