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The development of advanced embedded software that combines semiconductor technologies with hardware acceleration modules is essential to meet the complex requirements of today's product design.

From digital signal processing to security, cloud connectivity, encryption, and system performance optimization, our software experts have more than a decade of experience delivering groundbreaking solutions.

They excel in a wide range of software engineering areas, such as memory & processing optimization, distributed or centralized processing, time & size critical applications, and redundant systems. Our software development process allows them to adapt to your needs without compromising on the quality of the code they produce.

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From initial requirements specification and design to coding and testing features, Orthogone helps you stay ahead of the technology and engineering curve.

Our agile teams have proven time and time again to excel in radically improving system performance, even when optimization is required across a wide range of software layers.
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Market Expertise
Automotive & Transportation
From passenger comfort solutions to ground-breaking LiDAR & RADAR for autonomous driving, to public transportation solutions used by millions of commuters daily, we consistently deliver quality and reliability.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • LiDAR
  • Image processing, deep learning
  • Automotive power management
  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Automotive electronics chassis
  • GNSS navigation, dead reckoning
  • In-vehicle networking (IVN)
Telecommunications and data centers

Our know-how spans the full spectrum of disciplines, from software defined radios and wireless algorithms development to core networking functions and access systems, we have the expertise to transform any idea into a revolutionary product.

  • Ultra-low latency networking
  • FPGA-based Smart NIC Acceleration
  • Wireless backhaul (LOS, NLOS)
  • Wireless connectivity (4G/5G, WiFi, BT, etc.)
  • Edge computing
  • GNSS and Satellite
  • Microwave
  • Data communication
  • Ethernet

From ultra-high image sensors and connected smart devices to patient simulators and technologies used in biofeedback/neurofeedback applications, clients trust our ability to help bring breakthrough products to market.

  • Embedded vision & imaging
  • Vital signs measurement
  • Digital radiography
  • Low noise solutions
  • Sensors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT wireless connectivity
  • IoT cloud solutions
  • Security
Aerospace and Defense

Our innovative technologies used in high-performance broadband wireless communication systems focus on security and reliability – the top priorities when designing equipment for government infrastructures, space flight, and peacekeeping missions.

  • Embedded vision & imaging
  • Safety-critical element
  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Dataset engineering
  • Military communications
  • Cyber security
  • GNSS and Satellite
  • Radio frequency wireless
  • 3D Lidar and RADAR
Security & Surveillance
Demands for security and surveillance system deployments have increased dramatically recently. We have a wealth of experience in developing image sensors and camera products. We use the latest technology to deliver next-generation solutions with improved resolution and image quality.
  • Embedded vision & imaging
  • 3D Lidar and RADAR
  • Thermal imaging
  • Detection and tracking
  • Sensors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • IoT cloud solutions
  • Video surveillance
Étienne Campeau
Software Engineering Manager
Through out-of-the-box thinking, we’ve been able to achieve something pretty impressive in our work with Orthogone – a line of innovative products that surpasses what the competition can offer in terms of both flexibility and performance.

We trust Orthogone’s expertise and high standards – they consistently deliver a quality product and integrate seamlessly with the team".
  • Kongsberg Automotive is an international Tier 1 automotive supplier with uncompromising standards for the safety and reliability of our products. We pride ourselves on bringing game-changing innovations to the market.

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