The Challenge

Complete electronic design of a solid state 3D LiDAR used in autonomous vehicles and ADAS applications

  • Extremely short schedule to design the electronics of an automotive grade LiDAR reference solution from scratch.
  • Exceedingly small footprint while maintaining long range performance requirements with stringent packaging and power consumption constraints.
  • Multiple new components (ASIC, optics, SoC) being developed simultaneously with the electronics.

Client: LeddarTech
Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada


The Breakthrough Innovation

Orthogone came up with an extremely compact electronic design while using low cost PCB technologies. By using mixed-signal, high-performance receiver chains with very low noise and high-dynamic range, we were able to provide more accurate and longer range detection. And, the highly efficient multi-channel laser pulse driver circuits enabled lower power consumption and better heat dissipation.

The Details

Hardware Design

Electronic design of multiple (4) high-speed digital and analog Printed Circuit Board (PCB), including:

  • Hardware and mechanical design concept and architecture
  • Power supply design meeting EMC and voltage transient requirements of automotive applications (ISO 16750-2, 7637-2)
  • Hardware design of a high-density CPU sub-system based on Renesas V3M System on a Chip (SoC)
  • Hardware design of a multi-channel high-power laser driver circuit
  • Hardware design of an ultra-low noise multi-channel receiver detector circuit based on photodiode array and mixed-signal LiDAR ASSP (LeddarTech – LCA2)
  • SPICE Simulations of analog sub-circuits listed above
  • Post-layout simulations of high-speed mixed-signal circuits
  • Functional bring-up, tests and integration to deliver a successful product launch at CES 2018
Technology Used
  • LeddarTech LCA2 LiDAR ASIC
  • Renevas V3M SoC
  • Multi-channel laser die (wire bonding)
  • Multi-channel photodiode array

The Result

LeddarTech had a successful product introduction at CES 2018 and won the prestigious Innovation 2018 Award in two categories!