Systems Engineering

Advanced engineering | Systems architecture | Algorithms & modeling | Proof of concept | Technology evaluation & selection | Technical due diligence


Bring your products to market faster with a predictable development cost & schedule

Advanced engineering can help test new product or service concepts, validate the benefits that new technologies bring or simply identify and mitigate commercial and technical risks of a project. Our clients rely extensively on our expertise in advanced engineering to help them bring reliable solutions to market faster with a more predictable development cost and schedule. Some of our specialties in advanced engineering include Ethernet and networking applications, SoC & CPU performance optimization, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and mixed-signal and wireless technologies.

Since our inception, we have been constantly challenged to jump on large software development projects involving hundreds of software developers. Large and complex development projects require well defined system and sub-systems to cover all possible use cases. We have adopted a pragmatic approach that effectively balances the efforts spent on the system architecture definition and the subsequent phases of a project. This proven model has helped us create long term relationships with our clients because they witnessed the cost and schedule benefits of our approach.

System modeling & algorithm development

System modeling and algorithm development can be used to predict the performance of a system or to make the appropriate trade-offs during the system design phase of a project. When possible, we like to add some real-world measurements data to validate the accuracy of our model and to ensure the algorithms behave as expected. We specialize in simulations and algorithms for communication & networking, radio waveform processing, navigation, and synchronization.

Independent technical and commercial advice you can trust

We've traveled around the world to accompany our clients to perform due diligence on multi-million dollar technology deals. Our clients trust not only our technical expertises but also our commercial advice and people skills.

One of our guiding principles has always been to remain independent of any suppliers so that we can provide transparent and unbiased recommendations to our clients. Our technology evaluation and selection processes are based on a list of criteria that are customized based on our clients' requirements. We specialize at evaluating and selecting complex technologies such as application processors, System on a Chip (SoC), power solutions, wireless transceivers, operating systems / software framework, and intellectual property (IP).

Systems Engineering with Orthogone
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FLIR Systems provides superpower vision by helping people around the world save lives, protect the environment, and enhance productivity. FLIR is building more than innovative technologies; they're building a more sustainable, more efficient, safer future.
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