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Turnkey Product Development FAQs

Companies that don’t want to build a full in-house team can partner with product development companies like Orthogone for high-quality, fast development. Orthogone’s multidisciplinary teams handle everything from technology consulting, concept strategy, and prototyping, to...

Engineering Outsourcing: 6 Key Considerations

Outsourcing is no longer primarily about offshoring as a cost-cutting measure. For companies developing new high-tech solutions, nearshoring engineering services has many advantages that provide greater strategic business value than short-term cost cutting. However, outsourcing...

Using FPGAs for demanding applications

Wherever you see incredibly fast, leading-edge technology like autonomous driving, electronic trading, and satellite communications, look for FPGAs. The processing capabilities, massive bandwidth, and energy efficiency of FPGAs is allowing designers to create increasingly high-performance...

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So, what's your challenge?

So, what's your challenge?

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