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Turnkey Product Development

We have an idea for a new product and need a reliable firm to help us develop it, from concept all the way to production. Are you able to help us with that?

Absolutely. Orthogone has a top-notch multidisciplinary engineering team that has successfully developed multiple products from idea to mass production. In general, we’ll be handling the majority, if not all, the engineering and NPI work. As required, we can also closely collaborate with our network of vetted R&D partners (thermal simulations, photonics experts, certification) and contract manufacturers.

We would like to work using fixed price terms, but we do not have an RFP and/or systems specification available. What kind of proposal can you provide us?

This type of situation happens regularly. Our approach is to closely collaborate with you and your team to first define the requirements and specifications of your project. This work will generally take a few weeks and will be charged using Time & Material (T&M). Once both parties have mutually agreed on a set of requirements, we can prepare a detailed proposal based on fixed price agreement.

Could you give us examples of projects you have completed that require expertise like what we need to successfully complete our product development?

Of course. It is understandable that you want to make sure that we have the right expertise to carry out your project. Whenever we can, we are more than willing to present you with examples of projects we have completed that are similar to what you want to develop. In some cases, we can also give you references from our clients. Of course, this is done in accordance with the confidentiality agreements in effect between each of the parties.

Outsourcing Engineering Services

We are designing a new product and would like to find a partner who can help us in some areas where we do not have expertise internally. Can you help us with that?

First, we would be happy to meet you and your team to determine how we can work together. We will let you know rapidly and very transparently if we have the right expertise and the bandwidth to help you. If we do, we’ll provide you with compelling information to back-up what we say. We will never get involved in a project if we think we do not have the right expertise or enough resources to carry out your project.

We would like to get to market first by accelerating our product development schedule. How can you help us as we are not located near your offices?

For many years, we have been working remotely with a multitude of clients. There is one reason that explains why we are successful at doing that. We deliver. We have succeeded in creating multiple long-term relationships based on mutual trust by constantly maintaining an open channel where both parties feel comfortable sharing their issues to achieve a common goal. We have made mistakes, but we have fixed them, and we’ve never let our clients down.

I would need experts who can help us with new technologies that are a little unknown to us. Do you have people immediately available with this specific expertise?

We fully understand that it is of utmost importance for you to get quick and significant returns when you pay for expert services. This is what we try to bring to our clients every day. We do this by ensuring that we continually hire the best engineers and scientists, and by providing them with a framework to effectively share their know-how while keeping their skills up-to-date through continuous training.

FPGA/ASIC IP Development and Customization

We want to develop an FPGA solution using some IP cores from Orthogone. We would also like if you could develop additional modules, integrate them with your cores and provide a complete SoC solution. Can you help us with this kind of development ?

We would be happy to develop FPGA solutions that combine our IP cores with modules specifically designed for your applications. This allows us to be very competitive since we have a detailed knowledge of all our IP cores as well as many blocks readily available to develop your solutions. Depending on your requirements, it is also possible for us to provide you with a complete design package allowing you to take ownership of the developed solution. We can also provide technical support and maintenance to give you peace of mind if you want us to make changes or add new features as your product evolves.

We would like you to design an FPGA solution based on our requirements. Are you able to offer this kind of service, and what phases of development can you perform?

As far as FPGA development is concerned, we can support all stages. We can write detailed specifications, design the architecture, perform coding, and develop verification and validation environments. We have all the necessary tools and resources and use well-structured development, verification, and testing processes to ensure that we deliver quality solutions quickly. In addition, we are often able to reuse blocks that we have previously developed and qualified in order to accelerate the development time and reduce development cost.

We want to purchase IP cores from Orthogone. What are your key product differentiators and what kind of verification have you performed on your products to ensure high quality?

Ultra-low gate count & resources and ultra-low latency performances are the key differentiators. Our products also have excellent timing margin and a rich set of standard and advanced features. They are based on a unified architecture where all rates and options are supported using a unique Verilog source code and UVM environment.

All our IP cores are extensively verified in simulations using a Universal Verification Environment (UVM) methodology with a full suite of tests that ensures interoperability with the IEEE 802.3 standard. The products are also ported on FPGA platforms to test performances and verify interoperability with standard network testing appliance equipment.

So, what's your challenge?

So, what's your challenge?

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