Solid State 3D LiDAR

Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS applications

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The Challenge

Complete electronic design of a solid-state 3D LiDAR used in autonomous vehicles and ADAS applications.


LocationQuebec City, QC, Canada

Extremely short schedule to design the electronics of an automotive grade LiDAR reference solution from scratch.
Exceedingly small footprint while maintaining long range performance requirements with stringent packaging and power consumption constraints.
Multiple new components (ASIC, optics, SoC) being developed simultaneously with the electronics.

Frantz Saintellemy, President & COO

Founded in 2007, LeddarTech is a leader in optical detection and ranging technology at the forefront of the most exciting innovations in advanced sensing today.

This is how we do it

Our team at Orthogone came up with an extremely compact electronic design while using low cost PCB technologies. By using mixed-signal, high-performance receiver chains with very low noise and high-dynamic range, we were able to provide more accurate and longer-range detection. The highly efficient multi-channel laser pulse driver circuits enabled lower power consumption and better heat dissipation.

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The Breakthrough Innovation

The Result

LeddarTech had a successful product introduction at CES 2018 and won the prestigious Innovation 2018 Award in two categories.

Hardware Design


  • Hardware and mechanical design concept and architecture
  • Power supply design meeting EMC and voltage transient requirements of automotive applications (ISO 16750-2, 7637-2)
  • Hardware design of a high-density CPU sub-system based on Renesas V3M System on a Chip (SoC)
  • Hardware design of a multi-channel high-power laser driver circuit
  • Hardware design of an ultra-low noise multi-channel receiver detector circuit based on photodiode array and mixed-signal LiDAR ASSP (LeddarTech – LCA2)
  • SPICE Simulations of analog sub-circuits listed above
  • Post-layout simulations of high-speed mixed-signal circuits
  • Functional bring-up, tests and integration to deliver a successful product launch at CES 2018

Technology Used

  • LeddarTech LCA2 LiDAR ASIC
  • Renevas V3M SoC
  • Multi-channel laser die (wire bonding)
  • Multi-channel photodiode array

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