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Internet of Things – IoT

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Understanding the Potential to impact your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is in its relative infancy, but has already started to dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors of the economy. To realize the full potential of the IoT, we use a global and pragmatic approach that provides our clients with a complete understanding of the opportunities and benefits, as well as the risks and challenges for their organizations. 

We offer broad expertise across the full spectrum of disciplines to realize innovative IoT solutions. Combined with our strategic consulting, software product development and security expertise, we help our clients disrupt their markets with new products, services, and business models.

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Imaging & Computer Vision

Image Sensors & Cameras | Radar & LiDAR | Frame Grabber | Optical Detection

Embedded Vision is shaping the future

Computer Vision enables a broad range of applications by providing machines the ability to see, sense, track and analyze in real time. Our experts have earned the trust of our clients by designing their most challenging machine vision solutions. Our in-depth know-how includes development of sensors using optical or electro-magnetic waves, image signal processors, algorithm development, and end-to-end system performance optimization.

We've developed products using multiple breakthrough technologies for a wide range of applications, including, ultra-high-resolution image sensor for medical imaging applications, image sensors and cameras used in video surveillance applications, 24GHz FMCW Radar, ultra-fast QR-code readers for access control systems and solid-state 3D LiDAR for ADAS and autonomous driving.

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Automotive & Transportation

ADAS & Autonomous Driving | Navigation | Infotainment | Passenger Comfort | Connectivity

ADAS & Autonomous Driving

The proliferation of embedded systems and software in automotive vehicles is extensive, and it's just starting. Our deep expertise in machine vision systems allowed us to conceive ground-breaking Cameras, LiDAR, and RADAR products that enable autonomous driving applications. Our experience working with top tier automotive OEMs has solidified our prowess to develop the next generation of robust and high-quality solutions.

With in depth expertise in wireless and wired connectivity solutions, GNSS navigation systems, security, and audio and video processing, we are a one-stop shop for developing breakthrough automotive products.

Public Transportation communication / tracking systems

We have a proven track record of conceiving, integrating and producing multiple software solutions used in public transportation systems. We take great pride in building solutions that are deployed in major cities and used daily by millions of people. From IP public announcement systems, train seat reservations, locomotive mission tracking systems, to TETRA wireless communication infrastructure, we're proud that our solutions create better transportation solutions and make a difference in how people commute every day.

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Business transformation | Building-up of know-how | Resources

The Digitization megatrend is transforming how we work and how we consume – in just a few years, an entire generation will have grown up in a digital world. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and blockchain are enabling significant digitization opportunities for organization that embrace the services they enable.

If you want to meet the challenge of digital transformation, we can help you create innovative digital solutions and cutting-edge digital products. From innovative start-ups who aspire to become the next unicorn to Fortune 500 companies, we love to tackle their toughest digitization challenges.

AI & Machine Learning

Deep learning | Visual recognition | Deep Neural Networks SoC | cloud connectivity

Shaping a future where AI bring significant benefits to businesses and society.

One of the most important technologies of our era is artificial intelligence (AI), particularly, machine learning (ML) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

We are proud to deliver services that are enabling the AI revolution. These include collecting and pre-processing data information, analyzing and studying datasets to optimize neural network accuracy and address edge cases, and optimizing inference performances. We also take great pride in designing smart sensors that provide highly reliable and accurate data, conceiving secure and reliable cloud connectivity networks, enabling digitization of systems, and leveraging our expertise in the area of accelerated computing based on Deep Neural Networks SoC, FPGAs, and GPUs.

We continue to invest in research areas of computer vision powered by deep learning algorithms by fostering strong partnerships with universities and research centers.

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