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Leverage our custom engineering services and get to market faster
Discover how our flexible custom engineering services can extend your technological expertise. By scaling up your development capacity, we accelerate time to market.

Access to high-performance custom engineering development

Meet your product development goals
We are a leading R&D and engineering services company. With expertise, flexibility, and high-performance standards, we can quickly ramp up and deliver results, so you can maintain a leading position in the market. We can analyze, design, and implement a wide range of advanced electronic systems for both hardware and software.

Benefit from our full range of embedded systems engineering services, including system architecture, embedded software design, microprocessor/MCU design, PCB design, and end-to-end software product development.
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Flexible custom engineering solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all model for engineering outsourcing
Whether you need access to people with specific skills to accelerate development, or to strengthen your internal team for a special project, engineering outsourcing may be the ideal solution.

Model 1

Enhance the capabilities of your internal staff
Our software development experts are ready to join your already awesome team.
This model works well for OEMs who have a large in-house engineering team and need specific expertise for a project. You get access to new technologies from experienced developers and benefit from knowledge transfer. Our team can help you find solutions and bring innovative ideas with a new perspective for your project.

Model 2

Outsource part of your product development
Keep your in-house staff available to focus on other priority tasks.
This model is used by both OEMs and top startups. By getting more involved in project management and product design, while taking responsibility for a substantial share of the scope of work, we can help speed up development. By strengthening project controls and reducing risk, we give you the peace of mind that comes with predictable development costs.

Model 3

entrust us with end-to-end product development
We develop your idea from prototype to manufacturing readiness.
This model is used by a wide range of companies when a project is outside the boundaries of their normal operations. We can provide support and expertise at every stage, from technological consulting and conceptual strategy to full product development in a time-sensitive market opportunity.

Find answers to frequently asked questions in our Custom Engineering Services FAQs.

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Frantz Saintellemy
President & COO
Orthogone’s experience in project management played a big difference. It’s one thing having the skills to deliver a tough design, but project management; working integrated and being seamless between having seamless communications between our teams and timely interventions made a difference”

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